Wearing too many hats?

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We told you that setting up and running your own business was not going to be easy. You should always remember to set aside some time to work “on your business, not just in your business”. Here is some interesting information from a recent study conducted by SCORE and VISA.

Sole proprietors, who make up three-fourths of all small businesses, lack the time and resources to focus on generating new business, according to a new survey from Visa USA and SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business.” At the same time, the vast majority say they are happier now than they were at their previous employer, despite working as hard or harder.

“The day-to-day challenges faced by a sole proprietor are often overlooked for broader, universal business issues like healthcare costs and the economy,” said SCORE CEO Ken Yancey. “Yet these individuals make up an overwhelming majority of small businesses that may become larger, well-established brands in the future. It is extremely important to identify and address their needs through education and mentoring programs at an early stage to help them reach their full potential.”

The full text of the press release from SCORE:

Sole Proprietors are Happier on the Own, but Feel Distracted and Overwhelmed Playing Multiple Roles, Says VISA and SCORE:

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  1. On October 12th, 2006 at 3:39 pm Keith Said:

    This is great advice!

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