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We know that lots of our customers and clients use QuickBooks. In fact we recommend it as one of the best solutions for providing a bookkeeping and accounting system for small business.

Since there are thousands of Nevada businesses using QuickBooks we thought we should pass on the email we received from them concerning the problems you may run into if you upgrade your Windows computer operating system to the new Windows Vista, or buy a new machine and hope to keep using your old installation of QuickBooks.

The email from QuickBooks:

From: QuickBooks Software
Subject: QuickBooks Service Notice: Important Information about Microsoft Windows Vista
QuickBooks Save For Yor Records

Dear Bill,

You may have heard about the upcoming release of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista. Microsoft has made significant changes to how software runs on Windows Vista.

I’m sending you this important service alert because you are using a 2006 or earlier version of QuickBooks software.

Since QuickBooks 2006 and earlier versions were developed
and released before the introduction of Windows Vista,
these versions may be adversely affected when used on
a computer running Windows Vista.

This will impact Simple Start, Basic, Pro, Premier, Payroll and Point of Sale, as well as other QuickBooks products and services. We recognize that your QuickBooks software is an important business tool and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


  • If you do NOT upgrade to Windows Vista
  • No action is required. If you plan to stay with your existing Windows operating system (for example, Windows XP or Windows 2000), you can continue to use your current QuickBooks products.

  • If you choose to upgrade to Windows Vista
  • We recommend that you use QuickBooks 2007 (and Point of Sale v6.0, if applicable). QuickBooks 2007 is the only version of the software built to run on the new windows operating system.

    To learn more about your options for running QuickBooks products
    on Windows Vista, please visit www.quickbooks.com/support/vista.
    You’ll find detailed instructions on how to use Quickbooks while
    you consider the transition to Windows Vista.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like to send us feedback on QuickBooks and Windows Vista, please visit our Windows Vista Resource Center at www.quickbooks.com/support/vista.

    Thank you for making QuickBooks a part of your business.


    Brad Smith
    Senior Vice President, QuickBooks

    3 Responses to “Quickbooks – Windows Vista Warning”

    1. On June 29th, 2007 at 10:20 am fionn Said:

      This is very frustrating. To upgade to Visa we have to pay $1500 for Quickbooks Premier Version 7.00. The 2006 version works just fine for our needs. Why did microsoft not talk to Quickbooks and prevent this from happening. Microsoft needs to issue a patch to allow vista users to continue using their old software.

    2. On January 14th, 2008 at 1:44 pm Preston Said:

      Same Problem. Shelled out $300 for Quickbooks Contractor Edition, now it won’t run on my new Vista O/S computer.

    3. On August 30th, 2008 at 12:48 pm Joe Said:

      Don’t bother with the upgrade. I bought new Vista computers and new Point of Sale 7.0 licenses – and they don’t run. Quickbooks support has been incredibly inept and is spending hours forcing me to try random things in the hope that they’ll eventually find something that works.

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