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A great new online resource for entrepreneurs was launched yesterday as part of EntrepreneurshipWeek which is currently underway.

The Biz Info Library contains a well organized yet vast collection of brief business articles on topics including Researching, Financing, Starting a Business, Marketing, and Managing Employees in a Business.

I took a little time this afternoon to register and have a look at some of the content, and the articles I read through are very good. Here are excerpts from a couple of examples:

From Managing People Through Effective Entrepreneurial Leadership – Joseph D. Sansone

I also learned that managing people is as much an art as it is a set of principles and tactics. It’s a lesson that, I believe, is difficult for a lot of entrepreneurs, who are sometimes so engrossed in their brilliant idea that they believe people will automatically follow. That doesn’t happen. To turn vision into a company—an abstraction into a tangible—entrepreneurs must be leaders of people.

From An Ear to the Ground – TJ Becker

Innovation in a vacuum is a recipe for frustration. Fred Lisy learned that the hard way. As COO of Orbital Research Inc., a $2 million R&D company in Cleveland, Lisy spent three years writing proposals, winning funding, researching and developing solutions, then writing more proposals to continue the work, but never got those solutions into the marketplace. Then he realized the problem: Orbital wasn’t spending enough time interacting with end users during development.

The turning point came when Orbital developed a control device that would make airplanes safer. But when Lisy presented the technology to prospective clients, it was shot down. His device didn’t fit their parameters. “They wanted something shaped differently and more
modular,” explains Lisy. “And sadly, we could have made it that way — but now we had lost two years and needed more funding to make the modifications.”

Today Orbital not only consults with end users from the get-go, but also contacts manufacturers that will be involved in the commercialization process. Since 1997 Orbital has grown 607%, which Lisy chalks up largely to getting feedback from external markets.

Biz Info Library is a service from the entrepreneurial experts at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the Edward Lowe Foundation, and the James J. Hill Reference Library.

If you find yourself in your office, with the door closed, trying to figure out what your next move should be, and you need some advice, this might be a good place to start. I’d recommend you bookmark the site and keep it handy.

Here is the full press release.

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  1. On May 25th, 2007 at 5:03 pm Susan Harley Said:

    I wrote a book, Gentle Hands: A Step-By-Step Guide for Giving Massage to Children. Unfortunatley, I didn’t test the maarket, or find out what the end user wanted ahead of time and ait has cost me dearly. So when I read the above excerpt from TJ Beckers, An Ear to the Ground, I couldn’t agree more about finding out what the end user wants before you develop the project, and then use them as a major resource as you are developing it.

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