Tax News – Time Saver for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed

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A recently released IRS study concluded that small businesses often over report deductions and underreport income. In many cases this is a result of the complexity of the tax code and lack of knowledge.

Tax TimeThat’s where the new IRS e-News for Small Businesses comes in.

IRS e-News for Small Businesses offers small businesses and the self-employed a real time-saver. e-News is a bi-weekly newsletter that alerts them to what’s new, hot and important for small business owners to know. It’s quick to read, easy to subscribe – and it’s free.

e-News for Small Businesses is the IRS’s e-newsletter for businesses with specialized content consisting of:

  • Important upcoming tax dates for small businesses
  • What’s new for small businesses on
  • Reminders and tips to assist small businesses with tax compliance
  • IRS news releases and special IRS announcements
  • Direct links to a variety of Web sites and resources
  • Availability of IRS products, services, and training opportunities

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Businesspeople may also want to take a look at other IRS e-newsletters:

  • IRS Tax Tips – tax information via e-mail from the IRS daily during the tax-filing season and periodically the rest of the year
  • Retirement News for Employers – information about current developments and upcoming events within the retirement plan arena; issued periodically during the year

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  1. On November 24th, 2008 at 9:48 am Roger Said:

    As a new buisness owner i’m lookin forward to the info

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