The Waters of Social Media

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by Heyden Enochson, Nevada SBDC Student Intern

As the world of social media and technology continually advances and changes, businesses often find themselves lost at sea without a map, unsure of how to navigate the ever-increasing complexity of social media.

Indeed, social media could potentially be the treasure map, leading businesses directly to their customers. Increasingly, the Nevada SBDC is seeing clients with established customer bases struggling to reach their audiences.

Deciding which social media outlets your business should exploit is commonly where businesses make ineffective communications decisions. They decide to use particular social media outlets because they think it is what is “popular” or which “suits” their business best.

However, the best way to make social media decisions is research. Most established businesses have an idea of who their target demographics are, giving them a distinct leg up versus, for example, a startup company. With a fair idea of who a businesses target audience is, there is a plethora of data and secondary research relating to social media habits of different audiences. Even better is primary research, giving a business feedback and information from their customer directly.

The most important questions for a business to ask when making social media decisions?

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What social media outlets to they use? Why?
  3. What times of day are my audiences using said media?
  4. What value are they looking for from my businesses social media? (Why should they follow you?)

Finding the answers to these questions is essential to making effective media communications plans and strategies. The answers to these questions can lead businesses to better manipulate their social media strategies to best appeal to their audience. Taking this step could be the missing map a business needs to navigate the sea of social media.

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