How to write online video scripts for business: The foolproof framework

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When creating online videos for your business, keep in mind people usually click off around one and a half minutes into the video. Sooner if they’re bored.

This doesn’t leave you much time to explain what you do and why you’re great without talking like an auctioneer hyped up on Red Bull.

However, if you follow this foolproof video script framework, you can sound sane, get your message across clearly, and keep their interest longer.

But before you turn on the camera, please remember…

The video about you, isn’t really about you

When you make a video about your company or your product, the script copy isn’t all about what you want to tell the viewer. It’s about what the viewer wants to hear.

To understand this better, let’s say you have a company called Prestopages. You want to make a video explaining what Prestopages does. That said…

What you want the video to show: Prestopages lets small business owners create their own landing pages. Saving them time and money over hiring web designers for each campaign.

What the viewer really wants to know: If I have no tech knowledge, how can I easily create professional-looking landing pages that work for my business?

So your script might say: With Prestopages, you can create professional-looking landing pages in just minutes by using our highly-tested templates. We’re a team of online marketing specialists who spent over 5,200 hours testing hundreds of landing page design elements. Choose from 15 high-converting templates that get attention and the click. Templates adjust easily for any business, for any conversion goal from acquiring subscribers, downloading demos, to making purchases.

By addressing what the viewer wants to know, your script includes critical bits of information that calm their main concerns, establish your credibility, and increase the chances they’ll take your call to action.

This leads to the second important point…

How to know what the viewer wants to hear

Most of us think we know our customers well, but when you question them directly, they may surprise you. To gather relevant information for your script, ask your audience:

  1. Why did they pick you instead of the other guy?
  2. Why did they pick the other guy instead of you?
  3. What’s the biggest issue they’re facing now and hoping you can solve?
  4. What assumptions are they making about your product/service?

You can get this information by talking to your customers directly or sending out a survey. Or you can interrogate your sales and customer service team. Or dig through testimonials.

By reading testimonials and asking people directly, you’ll also hear answers in the customers’ words. That’s valuable because when you use their words in your script, the viewer relates to you better.

Armed with all this insight, you’re ready to start writing…

The foolproof framework for engaging video scripts

  • Give a quick introduction explaining what your company does. Often, it’s as simple as stating your unique selling proposition. In LinkedIn’s video, they simply say, “It’s the world’s largest professional network helping people find and share opportunities every day.”
  • State their big, hairy problem. Say it in a way that your prospects experience it. For instance, if you sell a supplement that helps ease digestive problems, you wouldn’t say, “Super Digestzin* helps relieve symptoms from dyspepsia.” Although it’s accurate, most people don’t refer to their tummy troubles as dyspepsia. It’s better to say, “Super Digestzin helps you eat your favorite foods again without feeling bloated or suffering from embarrassing gas.” *Totally fictitious product name
  • Show them why you’re their hero. Briefly explain the targeted features showing how it solves their big, hairy problem. Since it’s video, this is a great time to drive home the point visually. For example, if you’re a software program, show screenshots while explaining how you solve their problem in 3 easy clicks.
  • Answer possible objections. Sometimes, your prospects may carry objections or assumptions about you. Such as thinking you’re too expensive, or it’ll take too long to learn your program. At this point in your video, address their concerns from a positive angle. Such as, “Service plans start at only $4.95 per month” or “Our program’s so easy to use, most people master it in just 7 minutes.”
  • Tell them the next step. Yes, even on video, you must state the all-powerful call to action. Tell them to sign up, click the order button below, call for a quote…something. Don’t run out of steam here. Make it sound enticing and overcome more objections if applicable. Such as “Sign up today for your free 30-day trial. It only takes 15 seconds and we won’t ask for your credit card number.”

These 5 steps provide a basic framework for a pretty persuasive video script. Depending on your video’s purpose, you may switch around the steps or take a step out.

Spending a little more time preparing a strategically planned script can make all the difference between another video that’s forgotten to one that generates more leads or sales for you.


Brenda Do is a freelance, direct-response copywriter in Reno, NV and President of BL Copywriting, LLC. Contact her at: or

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