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High Desert Farming Initiative job opening

July 10th, 2013, 11:36:47 AM
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Title: Farm Supervisor Project: High Desert Farming Initiative Location: Reno, NV The High Desert Farming Initiative (HDFI) is a collaborative project between the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) Colleges of Business (COB) and Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources (CABNR), and community groups. The project goals center around applied agricultural research, university and community education, […]

Health Care Reform Here to Stay – What Do Employers Have to Do Next?

November 19th, 2012, 03:47:19 PM
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With the landscape of employer-provided health care potentially changing over the next few years, employers should consider their future plans related to their role in employee health care. They may have to make some big decisions about whether to continue providing coverage to their employees. The Pay or Play penalties provide some incentive for employers […]

Will health care tax credits affect your business?

August 5th, 2010, 03:36:38 PM
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Are you wondering how health care tax credits will affect your business? Join SBA’s Web Chat: Tips on Health Care Tax Credits for Small Biz Owners Thursday, August 12, 2010, from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Pacific Time WASHINGTON – The SBA’s Web Chat will highlight small business health care, with a focus on how […]

COBRA Subsidy Extension

February 1st, 2010, 08:05:10 PM
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By Tracy McKenzie, Esq. On December 19, 2009, President Obama signed a new law amending the COBRA subsidy provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”).  Under the ARRA, individuals who were involuntarily terminated during the coverage period from September 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009, and were eligible for continuation of […]

Changes to Employment Law Posters

November 20th, 2009, 03:37:07 PM
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By Bonnie Drinkwater, Esq. and Tracy McKenzie, Esq. Under both federal and state employment laws, employers are required to post specific employment materials for employees in a conspicuous area (such as a break or lunch room) and in a language employees understand. When there are changes to existing employment laws or new laws are enacted, […]

What is the Nevada Domestic Partnership Act and What Do I Need to Do as a Business Owner?

October 16th, 2009, 09:00:13 AM
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By Bonnie Drinkwater, Esq. and Tracy McKenzie, Esq. Effective October 1, 2009 (It’s coming up fast!), the State of Nevada will recognize a new civil contract between unmarried individuals who meet the requirements of the Nevada Domestic Partnership Act and who properly file registration documents with the Nevada Secretary of State.  Domestic partners may be […]

What is Parental Leave and Do I Have to Offer it to My Employees?

October 14th, 2009, 09:38:22 PM
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By Bonnie Drinkwater, Esq. and Tracy McKenzie, Esq. Effective August 15, 2009 in the State of Nevada, if you are an employer with fifty (50) or more employees (for each working day in each of twenty (20) or more calendar weeks in the current calendar year), you must comply with the new parental leave for […]

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